New Fairy Houses on the Block!!!

Some new Fairies should be excited for a new house! My sister built a few Fairy Houses and let me put them here. She says that they’re still in progress, but I love them. We also built another Fairy House at the waterfall near our house. Here it is:

If you have any questions, please ask!


I’m back…FINALLY!

Hi! I’m FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!! So, here is a fairy house I made in a park near Beacon:

Picture 1:The bed

Picture 2:The inside

Picture 3&4:The outside

Picture 5:The roof

Picture 6,7&8:The inside

Picture 9:The side

And here is one more feature…The outside fridge!

I have no idea how I thought of that. But, it’s still cool!

First Fairy House of a wreath (first Fairy House of 2015)

I used a wreath for a 7 room Fairy House.

The rooms are:

  • a living room
  • a dining room
  • a closet
  • 2 bedrooms
  • a bathroom
  • a pool room

Wreath House

Here is a picture of the living room, complete with arm chair:

Wreath House Living Room

Here is a picture of the dining room:

Wreath House Dining Room

This is a picture of the closet with scrub brushes inside for cleaning. It’s a cleaning closet:

Wreath House Closet

Here are pictures of the two bedrooms:

The first is complete with a desk, a chair and a bed.

Wreath House bedroom 1

The second bedroom is located by the dining room and living room. It has only 1 bed however it is an entrance to two secret passages. They lead to a treasure chest and a desk.

Wreath House bedroom 2

This is a photo of the bathroom, complete with a red rug, a sink, a bathtub / toilet and door:

Wreath House bathroom

This is a picture of the pool room. It’s got a sand pit and a pool:

Wreath House Pool Room

The Sunset Party




Did you know that every day at sunset the fairies have a party here in Fairyland? I drew this picture with the sunset to celebrate sunset. Today I also drew a banner welcoming the new Fairyland and put it up outside so that fairies know they are welcome here. Next year I will have another one.
Fairy Sunset PartyWelcome banner 01Welcome Banner 02Welcome Banner 03

The Fairyland TeePee


This is the Fairy Teepee. We made it out of sticks and tied with a vine. The floor is white rocks. The sign I wrote with a Sharpie so it won’t fade off during winter, summer, spring or fall. Everybody in Fairyland is going to be happy from all the work we are doing. We fed the Fairies strawberries. They ate all of it.