Fairy Shelter



This Fairy shelter is made with an arch of sticks that we covered with leaves. The floor is covered with white shining rocks. My pink dragonfly is shiny with red, blue and purple. I got the dragonfly at the hardware store.


The Fairyland TeePee


This is the Fairy Teepee. We made it out of sticks and tied with a vine. The floor is white rocks. The sign I wrote with a Sharpie so it won’t fade off during winter, summer, spring or fall. Everybody in Fairyland is going to be happy from all the work we are doing. We fed the Fairies strawberries. They ate all of it.



Fairy Park – The Slide

Fairy Park Slide

This is the Fairy Slide. We made it out of sticks and wire. There is a ladder and a slide. Baby Fairies need ladders because they need training to fly. They love kids. The Fairies left left Pixie dust on my arm.