Fairy Space Stars


We are putting up lots and lots of stars. It seems like we should put up more than we want to. We like the stars and they glow in the dark. They are fun for the fairies.



4 thoughts on “Fairy Space Stars

  1. Helen! We love all your fairy creations! Madi thinks yours is great and hopes that fairy’s will come! See u soon! xoxo
    Pepper, Madi & Ada

  2. Dear Helen,

    It was lots of fun to meet you and June and your Mom today at the Hudson Highlands Land Trust Forest Fun Day! And how excited I am to see all the beautiful places you have built for the fairies! I know they must be very happy with you. Many fairies have houses, but what a caring imagination and good concentration you have –to build them a library and a park and to hang stars for them! I’m now following your blog, and I look forward to seeing what more you create! have a wonderful vacation. You can write me any time! Warmest wishes, Irene O’Garden

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